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    At Cabanach Detectives we can help you settle your doubts in a professional manner. As the regulations in place state: “Private detectives will, at the request of natural or legal persons:

    • Obtain information and evidence about private behaviour and actions
    • Investigate offenses which are prosecutable only at the plaintiff’s request, or by order of entitled persons in the legal proceedings
    • Security at trade fairs, hotels or similar areas


    This law states that it defines private actions as “those which affect the economic, workplace, commercial, and financial spheres, and personal and family life in general; except for those actions which take place in domiciles or excluded places”.

    The work of a private detective is a defined and lawful field. This field is exclusive, meaning that this activity that can only be carried out by persons authorised by the Ministry of the Interior; if it is not then under no circumstances can evidence that is discovered be legally admissible. Therefore it is important to use recognised professionals and trust Cabanach Detectives which holds Licences 120 and 1124.