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    Insurance Services


    Grupo Cabanach’s investigations office has a specific department which specialises in working for mutuals and other insurance companies. Its investigations concentrate on obtaining objective evidence about the matters entrusted to it so that with all the available data it can prepare reports and opinions so that it can then present them to any public authority and/or private body according to the client’s wishes.

    This type of investigation has been carried out since Cabanach Detectives was founded in 1968, and covers these basic fields:


    • Investigating accidents (responsibility, reconstruction, etc.)
    • Monitoring consequences of accidents
    • Suspected fake sick leave
    • Disability
    • Causes and circumstances of robberies and fires
    • Faked claims for damages
    • Exaggerated damages
    • Reconstruction of claims
    • Fraud
    • Loss of income
    • Verifying consequences
    • Professional liability


    You can request a quote without commitment and according to your needs, which we will supply with full discretion and in complete confidence.