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    Who we are

    Our experience

    The Cabanach Detectives agency was founded in Majorca in 1968. At that time there was no specific legislation in our country regulating the figure of the private detective. Jaime Cabanach Orpella created the first Cabanach Detectives company. Years later with the growth and expansion of its activities the agency came to be called Grupo Cabanach. Our opening licence is number 120, as this permit is part of nationwide scheme, this gives us an idea of the agency’s age and experience.


    In its early stages Detectives Cabanach specialized in investigations relating to marital problems and the hotel trade. Over the years, it has continuously expanded its range of activities to encompass all areas where private investigation is an indispensable tool for individuals and companies. With the expansion of the Group new detectives have joined the company, both in Majorca and in other parts of Spain.

    Grupo Cabanach also has an extensive team of collaborators in different fields relating to investigation and security. This enables us to offer a comprehensive service, including specialised areas like cartography, photography, medicine, analysis, ballistics, legal advice, etc.

    Our human and technical team

    Cabanach Detectives is now a leading company in its field, operating at a state and international level, able to carry out investigations in any sector and place. We have the most advanced electronic and photographic technology, a large fleet of vehicles and, most importantly, highly motivated and qualified staff.

    Serious and Reliable

    Discretion and confidentiality are the company’s foundation stones, which is shown by Cabanach Detectives having the recognition and authorization of the Ministry of the Interior. This is a vital prerequisite which all clients should demand when hiring the services of detectives as a guarantee of their credibility before third parties.

    The private detective profession is governed in Spain by the Law of Private Security 23/1992, of 30 July, enforced though the regulations of Royal Decree 2364/1994, and the Order of the Ministry of Justice and the Interior of July 1995. Together, these strict regulations offer clients the greatest confidence in the detective agency they choose, as long as it operates under the relevant official authorization.

    Territory of action

    Our area of activity covers all of Spain including the islands. For this reason, and in order to guarantee the quality that distinguishes us, we primarily identify Spain and Europe as our main operating area. However, through various collaboration agreements with major international companies we have the contacts to be able to operate in any part of the world.