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    Companies services


    We are the businessman’s third eye. All types of business intelligence guidance before, during and after any deal. Internal and external monitoring:

    Mistery Guest

    We offer a “general investigation, quality and customer service audit” service. In order to do this we carry out an in-depth investigation so that we can prepare an objective and reliable report on the real situation. The report we present to the client comes from observing the positive aspects of the business and its employees, unlike other services from our competitors which only investigate negative aspects).

    Actividades Empresariales

    • Pre- recruitment reports
    • Staff selection
    • Personal and family history
    • Financial position
    • Labour demand conditions
    • General information
    • Graphological studies
    • Reports and observation of employees
    • Workplace absenteeism
    • Reports on duplication of work and responsibilities
    • Investigations on working performance and productivity
    • Violations of professional confidentiality
    • Systematic and continuous verification of periods of short term sick leave by employees
    • Data relating to shares and equity participations
    • Providing documentary and graphic evidence
    • Ratification before industrial tribunals

    Workplace Monitoring

    • Disloyal employees
    • Monitoring workers’ representatives
    • Suspected fake sick leave
    • Suspected unfair competition
    • Monitoring tills in bars, shops, nightclubs, etc.
    • Workplace absenteeism
    • Reports on duplication of work and responsibilities
    • Violations of professional confidentiality
    • Investigations on working performance and productivity

    Technology and Investigations

    Technology advances nowadays is dizzying rate. For this reason, Grupo Cabanach offers a highly specialised service to counteract possible failures in safeguarding technological secrets.

    This service is performed with all types of professional spying devices, and basically centres on the following points:

    • Investigating leaks of information and data
    • Finding hidden microphones
    • Electronic sweeping to find phone-taps
    • Microphones and GPS tracking devices

    Legal Framework

    At Cabanach Detectives we can help you settle your doubts in a professional manner. As the regulations in place state: “Private detectives will, at the request of natural or legal persons:

    • Obtain information and evidence about private behaviour and actions
    • Investigate offenses which are prosecutable only at the plaintiff’s request, or by order of entitled persons in the legal proceedings
    • • Security at trade fairs, hotels or similar areas